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Frequently Asked Locksmith Questions

A re-key is similar to a lock change in the sense that your lock will no longer function with the key that was used before, but there are some big differences. When our trusted technicians perform lock changes they replace the entire lock hardware that is present on the door with a new lock of your choice. When a re-key is performed the original lock hardware still stays intact, however the tumblers are removed from the lock, and the pins within are rearranged so that the lock no longer accepts the previous key, and is fitted to take the new key. You can give our residential locksmiths a call to find out more about which service would be best for you.

Being a mobile locksmith service means that we provide all of our services through the use of our expert mobile technicians. Each one of our technicians are equipped with mobile service units that are stocked to the brim with any tools and materials necessary to complete practically any locksmith service under the sun. Utilizing mobile technicians also alleviates some of the stress on our customers’ end. Instead of having to bring your vehicle or locks to a store-front location to get serviced, we come right out to you and complete the job right on the spot. This also cuts out travel time on your end, and costly towing fees. In addition to making it easier for our loyal customers the use of mobile technicians also allows us to be first on the scene for emergency locksmiths service calls we may get.

We sure are! Not all locksmiths have the ability to make brand new car keys from scratch, but at American Best Locksmith Allentown our auto locksmiths can for sure! Our technicians are able to provide the key blank, cut the key to your vehicle’s door & ignition, as well as program the key to your cars computer system. We can do all this on site so you never have to worry about the hassle of paying for a towing company.